[Bug 182927] Re: Update FreeMind to 0.9.0 RC6

Evan Broder evan at ebroder.net
Mon Dec 21 20:47:53 GMT 2009

Wow, dude. Chill out. I realize the "get it off my radar" may be
annoying for the bug that I'm taking off my radar, but that's not the
point. I spent 15 minutes looking at this bug, reading through the
comments, and trying to figure out why u-u-s had been subscribed. When I
leave u-u-s subscribed, I make any other sponsor looking at the queue go
through the same process. It makes it harder for anybody to do

And I /did/ go look through PPAs. I found that none of the versions in
PPAs were ready to be uploaded. Igor had the most recent release, but it
completely dropped the old changelog, which is why I assumed I was
missing the version that was ready to be uploaded.

So once again, I'm unsubscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors until there's
a package ready for sponsorship.

Update FreeMind to 0.9.0 RC6
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