[Bug 398888] Re: [karmic] Please update me-tv to 1.0.0 version

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 11 06:50:01 BST 2009

Scott: thanks for your work. I made a bunch of changes before I uploaded
your work.

 1) Please always base your uploads on what's in archive.ubuntu.com right now. You replaced one old changelog entry with a different one.
 2) It's no worth changing Maintainer fields. Just stick to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianMaintainerField and you're fine.
 3) I replaced the libxml-parser-perl Build-Depends with intltool (>= 0.35.0).
 4) I mentioned the added Recommends in the changelog.
 5) Re-formatted debian/changelog a bit.

I'll attach both diffs to the bug report for reference.

[karmic] Please update me-tv to 1.0.0 version
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