[Bug 269936] Re: lacks dependency on metakit

Rolf Leggewie launchpad.net at rolf.leggewie.biz
Tue Sep 23 13:48:58 BST 2008

Luis, get your facts straight is all I can say.  And say again.  I don't
have time for your childish behaviour or to correct your mistakes,
problems and misunderstandings.  Welcome to my ignore list.

We work on this in our free time, so I don't understand what you try to
accomplish by raising priority.  It's not like your paying someone and
you could force them to fix any problem that *you* have.  You can send a
patch, of course.  But I hope that Nick will check back with me before
applying any of your quick-shots next time around.

You're welcome to "continue this discussion and attempt to get to the
root of it", just don't count me in for triaging your bugs.  Maybe some
other kind soul will help.  From me, WFM is the best you'll get from now
on.  In any case, this bug is titled "lacks dependency on metakit" and
that is invalid as you admitted.  I also don't see any other issue being
addressed here and "one issue, one report" should be familiar to a bug
superhero like yourself.  Expect this report to be closed soon.

lacks dependency on metakit
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