[Bug 212521] [NEW] Installation fails even if openjdk-6-jdk is installed

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Fri Sep 12 09:35:14 BST 2008

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Binary package hint: tomcat5.5

I just installed tomcat5.5 from Hardy. It installed openjdk-6-jre, so
the init script failed at line 48 because openjdk-6-jre does not include

As bug #179447 explains, bin/jdb is part of a -jdk vs. a -jre package,
and tomcat5.5's dependencies should ensure one is installed. It seems to
me this could be achieved by depending on "java2-sdk" instead of
"java2-runtime". I added this comment to Debian bug #458412, however I
admittedly know little about the Java packaging policy...

In the meantime, I installed openjdk-6-jdk, but the tomcat5.5 init
script still fails because line 40 does not include

[/etc/init.d/tomcat5.5 line 40]
JDK_DIRS="/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-ibm /usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-sun /usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-blackdown /usr/lib/j2se/1.4 /usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-ibm /usr/lib/j2sdk1.3-sun /usr/lib/j2sdk1.3-blackdown /usr/lib/jvm/java-gcj /usr/lib/kaffe"

# Look for the right JVM to use
for jdir in $JDK_DIRS; do

Perhaps a more maintainable way to find the right JVM would be to:

for jdir in /usr/lib/jvm/*; do

- or perhaps JAVA_HOME=/usr would work, since /usr contains bin/java and
bin/jdb. This would keep the default JAVA_HOME consistent with

Again, I confess to knowing little about the Java packaging policy.

Thanks for maintaining Tomcat, Jack

** Affects: tomcat5.5 (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Medium
         Status: Confirmed

** Affects: tomcat5.5 (Debian)
     Importance: Unknown
         Status: Fix Committed

Installation fails even if openjdk-6-jdk is installed
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