[Bug 290661] Re: uml-utilities don't install from apt

Manny Vindiola mannyv at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 04:06:43 GMT 2008


I am not sure why debian/postinst contains these lines which are causing
the error:

if ! dpkg-statoverride --list /var/run/uml-utilities >/dev/null; then
     chown uml-net:uml-net /var/run/uml-utilities

I removed these lines and rebuilt the package locally. When I attempted
to replicate the error as before there was no error this time. The
packge was set up correctly and the directory was recreated by the init
script with the correct owner:group

drwxr-xr-x 2 uml-net     uml-net       80 2008-11-21 22:59 uml-utilities

I think a better solution would be to remove these lines from postinit
since they do not appear to be necessary


uml-utilities don't install from apt
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