[Bug 231811] Re: freedom is a dependancy for prboom... but shouldn't

Jon Dowland jon at alcopop.org
Fri Jul 18 22:10:34 BST 2008

You do need a wad file and prboom is useless without one. I guess you
are suggesting that the wad file should be seen as similar to e.g. a
JPEG used in conjunction with the GIMP: you don't need to provide a JPEG
in a package for GIMP to be in the archive. The difference of course is
the GIMP can be used to create a new JPEG from scratch.

With the dependency, people who are not familiar with doom are protected
from installing the package and having something that won't work. People
who are familiar and own doom can easily build a doom-wad package using
doom-package (or game-data-packager). The trouble seems to be that most
of the people in this category don't read the prboom package description
before installing it (indeed, they seem to blindly hit OK in their
package manager enough times to get freedoom downloaded and installed
before they notice).

FWIW, I'm the upstream maintainer of the package in Debian.

freedom is a dependancy for prboom... but shouldn't
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