[Bug 231811] yes it should.

Jon Dowland jon at alcopop.org
Thu Jul 17 11:54:19 BST 2008

If you read the prboom package's description, you should see "PrBoom
requires an IWAD to play. A free IWAD is available in the freedoom
package. You can install your commercial Doom IWADs using doom-package.

The reason for using Depends: is that prboom cannot be used without an
IWAD. In Debian therefore, it did not belong in the distribution because
it couldn't be used without additional non-free parts (so it would go in

When freedoom was introduced, it was possible to use prboom using free
components (freedoom), so it was moved to main.

You can satisfy the boom-wad | doom-wad dependency by building a package
that contains your commercial IWAD if you have one. doom-package in
debian does exactly that. I see doom-package is in multiverse, I wonder

I think applying this patch would degrade the quality of the prboom
package because people could install it, try to run it and it won't work
without additional bits.

freedom is a dependancy for prboom... but shouldn't
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