[Bug 184261] Re: slrnface doesn't display X-Face header

Miroslav Sabljić civija at ubuntu-hr.org
Tue Jan 22 08:12:13 GMT 2008

OK, I'm guessing you already have installed and configured slrn
newsreader. Next step is to install slrnface:

sudo apt-get install slrnface

and put this in your  $HOME/.slrnrc:
interpret “/usr/share/slrn/macros/slrnface.sl”

this will load slrnface macro at slrn startup.

Next, open gnome-terminal and start your slrn newsreader, open any
newsgroup and browse to one article that has X-Face header (press 't'
key to display headers). If article has X-Face header than small window
opens and X-Face picture is displayed. Without this litle patch it
doesn't display anything and there is no error output. Here are two
pics, one showing how it looks when slrnface is working and as you can
see on second one nothing is displayed (that is if you are using
slrnface from repository). It is easy to reproduce this, if slrnface is
working as expected  and you are using proper terminal i.e.
gnome-terminal than picture is displayed and that's it. I've got hint
for this patch from slrnface author.

If you don't use slrn and need help installing and configuring it, let
me know, or if you need any additional info about this issue.

P.S. slrnface doesn't work if you are using compiz or any other 3D
window managers, it was written to work on normal window managers like
metacity, kwin, etc ...

slrnface doesn't display X-Face header
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