[Bug 182927] Re: [needs-packaging] FreeMind 0.9.0 beta 15

brettalton brett.jr.alton at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 23:30:06 GMT 2008

I have tested the packages in
http://eric.lavar.de/comp/linux/debian/experimental/ and have
experienced no bugs or errors.

I do not have the skills to build the package myself (in chroot),
especially as it can run via a .sh script.

Why is it beta? It's been beta for over a year now, I think that's just
how the programmer likes to mark his programs.

Do I consider it appropriate for LTS? More so than 0.7.1 which has been
out for 4 years.

This version gives the user ability to export in SVG, SWF, PNG, JPEG,
ODT, HTML, interactive HTML (using JavaScript) and so on, all of which
are unavailable in 0.7.1. It removes the dependency on the older sun-
java5-bin package and is internationalized in over 20 languages

I've attached the ChangeLog.txt, found as ./history.txt, since 0.7.1
which is currently in the repositories.

** Attachment added: "ChangeLog.txt"

[needs-packaging] FreeMind 0.9.0 beta 15
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