[Bug 181635] Re: Various fixes in debian dir

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Mon Jan 14 10:16:30 GMT 2008

Hi Julien,

0) I had a look at your proposed changes, but since I don't know AWN at
all, I need a little more background: was this change discussed
upstream?  Is the patch from upstream or blessed by upstream?

1) Could you explain the rationale for the move of awn-manager to
Depends?  (Perhaps Breaks would be a better fit?)

2) On the patch itself, it might be a temporary workaround, but I still
want to note a couple of things:

a) you might want to follow the upstream coding style when patching
upstream sources, for example you mix tabs and spaces for indentation,
you use "if (...) {" and "if (...)\n{", you use "/*comment*/" and "/*
comment */" etc.

b) I see fields to access .desktop files are mostly used via #defines
(e.g. GNOME_DESKTOP_ITEM_TYPE), perhaps you want to #define some macro
to "X-AWN-AppletType" as well?

c) usually, one uses stderr to output error messages like the one you
added; you could change the printf to fprintf and use stderr instead?
Perhaps upstream code has some logging facility / macros for such

d) the error message isn't very helpful when the name field isn't set
("Please inform the developer(s) of the applet 'Unknown'[...]"); I
recommend you include the name of the .desktop file in the message or
use only that instead of the name (the name doesn't really matter to
report it)


Various fixes in debian dir
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