[Bug 190744] Re: Request: Upgrade libgdamm3.0 to upstream version 2.9.81

StefanPotyra stefan.potyra at informatik.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Feb 29 15:44:45 GMT 2008

Thanks for adding that output. Indeed I was surprised: seems like I
recalled wrongly, and c++ encodes the namespace of the enum in the
symbol (for method signatures). Hence there are removed symbols, and
thus the ABI is broken as well.

This means, we cannot sync the package as is. The best solution would
be, if you'd make a new upstream release, just bumping the SONAME, and
we'd get this one in. The second best solution is to append s.th. to the
name of the binary package of the library. (Both of these will have the
effect that glom must get rebuilt for the new library).

Request: Upgrade libgdamm3.0 to upstream version 2.9.81
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