[Bug 243163] Re: Please update glom to 1.6.17

Iain Lane launchpad at orangesquash.org.uk
Wed Dec 31 13:40:39 GMT 2008

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** Description changed:

  Glom 1.6.17 is a bugfix release to the version, 1.6.14 that we have in
  Hardy. Changes:
  1.6.17 (stable):
  * Just a build fix.
    Bug #531983 (Funda Wang)
  1.6.16 (stable):
  * Fix the build with gcc 4.3.
    (Jeremiah Savage)
  * Correct the parsing of, for instance, 01:00 PM and 13:00 when entered.
    (Murray Cumming)
  1.6.15 (stable):
  * Really automatically create related records, and save data in existing 
    related records, when entering data in related fields.
    Bug #526386 (Jani Monoses).
  * Relationships Editor: Clicking on the To Field combo lost the new choice in 
    the Table combo, and did not update the To Field combo list, if clicking 
    directly from combo to combo.
    Bug #526900 (Jani Monoses).
  * Documentation: Remove sentences saying that names should not have spaces or 
    special characters, because they can. 
    Bug #528209 (Jean-François Fortin Tam)
    (Murray Cumming)
  It would be nice to be able to have this update in Hardy so that glom
  users can benefit from the fixes.
+ Candidate .diff.gz:
+ http://launchpadlibrarian.net/20829467/glom_1.6.17-0ubuntu1.1.diff.gz

Please update glom to 1.6.17
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