[Bug 64059] Re: Wrong device-names in udev - Unable to open master device '/dev/zap/ctl'

Stefan Lesicnik stefan at lsd.co.za
Sun Aug 17 17:42:27 BST 2008

Can one of the maintainers check the following as the above patch may
already be applied in by udev

Intrepid udev contains

grep -A5 -i Zaptel /etc/udev/rules.d/20-names.rules

# Zaptel devices, group under /dev/zap
KERNEL=="zapctl",			NAME="zap/ctl"
KERNEL=="zaptimer",			NAME="zap/timer"
KERNEL=="zapchannel",			NAME="zap/channel"
KERNEL=="zappseudo",			NAME="zap/pseudo"
KERNEL=="zap[0-9]*",			NAME="zap/%n"

and /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules contains
SUBSYSTEM=="zaptel",                    GROUP="dialout"

Is the problem here maybe that the group is set to dialout and not asterisk which the application is suspecting?
I will unsubscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsers for now until we can clean this up.

Wrong device-names in udev - Unable to open master device '/dev/zap/ctl'
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