[Bug 106583] Re: No windows hiding with compiz

Michael B. Trausch mike at trausch.us
Mon Apr 28 21:34:36 BST 2008

** Description changed:

- Alltray doesn't work properly with compiz (Desktop Effects). If you
- click on the window it does nothing. Probably, there a problem with
- window detection. Minimazing with syntax alltray program work fine.
+ Rewriting the description per the requirements listed at
+ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates
+ AllTray does not interact with windows in “click-mode” when Compiz is
+ the active window manager for the system.  In other words, when using
+ Compiz as the window manager, one cannot dock already-running
+ applications to the system tray/notification area by starting AllTray
+ and then clicking on the application's window.
+ The cause of this issue was lack of special-case handling for Compiz
+ within the AllTray code.  Specifically, it would appear that AllTray
+ must treat Compiz one way for one code path, and another way for the
+ other one.  The debdiff attached to this bug provides code that does
+ this.  There was another fix supplied for this bug previously, but given
+ the fragility of the AllTray code base, it conflicted with another patch
+ and the situation had to be resolved again---which is what this patch
+ does.
+   * Run Ubuntu Gutsy or Hardy using the available version of AllTray.
+   * Install AllTray.
+   * Activate Desktop Effects.
+   * Start a program (I use gcalctool as my “test” program)
+   * Start AllTray with no command line parameters.  It will prompt you to click on a window that you want to dock.
+   * Click on your test program and find that the thing doesn’t work.
+ Given the (relative) triviality surrounding the patch, I believe that
+ there is little to no chance of regression potential.  This patch has
+ been tested and I have been actively using it in Hardy for some time
+ now, without any functionality removed from the AllTray package or the
+ introduction of any new bugs within it.
+ A note:  This is not a security patch.  It is only a bug-fix.
+ The debdiff attached to this bug is against the currently released
+ version in Hardy (0.69-1ubuntu1).  It will result in 0.69-1ubuntu2,
+ which should be uploaded to hardy-proposed as per the
+ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates page.  I will be watching
+ for the upload in -proposed, and monitoring the bugs for AllTray for a
+ minimum period of one week as per the SRU procedures.

** Tags added: verification-needed

No windows hiding with compiz
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