[Bug 135695] Re: FTBFS: depends on php4-dev, which has been removed

Matthew Firth launchpad at matthew.matera.net.au
Sat Oct 27 10:22:01 BST 2007

I have also patched it in a similar way to dAniel's above, but have also updated the sources to be those from PHP 5.2.3.   Built and tested on Gutsy, and "pbuild" also gives it a clean bill of health.

GIven that it's basically a new release of "upstream" as well as patches
to the packaging scripts/controls (to get rid of the 'php4' stuff), I
was going to attach the following to this bug:

 * A new ".orig.tar.gz".
 * A complete ".diff.gz" for the package.
 * A new ".dsc".

I was also going to use a version of "5.2.3-0ubuntu1" to reflect that
it's not actually a Debian package (following the naming in "php-imap").

Is this the correct way to procede?

FTBFS: depends on php4-dev, which has been removed
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