[Bug 125131] Re: Need to be updated for new stable version (9, 0, 48, 0)

atleta launchpad at atleta.hu
Mon Jul 23 23:41:21 BST 2007

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 125986 ***

Why is it necessary to update and test the package every time there is a
new flash player release? You basically just change the the MD5 in the
install script. This should be automated because this way flash plugin
is not installable for a few days after a new release (that seems to
happen multiple times a day).

The actual MD5 sum could reside on a server that could update itself a
few times a day by watching and automatially downloading the flash
install and then generating the MD5's. Of course it should check the
contents and structure of the package to see if it can be installed
(i.e. it contains the necessary files and only those).

This would yield a much better solution with decreased maintenance and
higher availability. It could (well, should) keep a track of the MD5
sums for the older install packages just in case someone wants to
install those.

(Sorry for using a nickname, I didn't realize that I should use a real
name here and now I can't find where to change it -- Laszlo Marai)

Need to be updated for new stable version (9,0,48,0)
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