[Bug 92939] Re: [can-not-install] file overwrite error

Siegfried Gevatter (RainCT) siggi.gevatter at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 12:02:30 GMT 2007

libowfat (0.26-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low

  * new upstream version (Closes: #435478)
  * add a debian/watch file
  * debian/control:
     - Push standards version up to 3.7.3
     - Add Section and Homepage fields
     - Conflict with libdjbdns1-dev (LP: #92939)
     - Modify Maintainer value to match the DebianMaintainerField
  * debian/rules:
     - clean: don't ignore errors, check if Makefile exists instead
     - replace "shell pwd" call with $(CURDIR)
  * debian/libowfat-dev.docs: Remove TODO, add CHANGES

 -- Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT) <rainct at ubuntu.com>  Sun,
09 Dec 2007 11:40:37 +0100

** Attachment added: "libowfat_0.26-0ubuntu1.interdiff.gz"

[can-not-install] file overwrite error
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