[ubuntu-uk] Mouse accessibility problem

J Fernyhough j.fernyhough at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 20:06:23 UTC 2018

On 09/04/18 17:50, Jim Price wrote:
> Getting the mouse button down and up in a short
> time is as difficult as getting a reliable double click it would seem.

After doing some more digging the libinput "DragLockButtons" option may
help with this:

>  Option "DragLockButtons" "L1 B1 L2 B2 ..."
>     Sets "drag lock buttons" that simulate a button logically down even when it has been physically released. To logically release a locked button, a second click of the same button is required.
>     If the option is a single button number, that button acts as the "meta" locking button for the next button number. See section Button Drag Lock for details.
>     If the option is a list of button number pairs, the first number of each number pair is the lock button, the second number the logical button number to be locked. See section Button Drag Lock for details.
>     For both meta and button pair configuration, the button numbers are device button numbers, i.e. the ButtonMapping applies after drag lock.


However, it also seems as though you're trying to address
mutually-exclusive issues. On the one hand, you want to allow a
single-click-then-move to trigger drag-and-drop behaviour, while at the
same time you want to prevent a single-click-and-move from triggering
drag-and-drop behaviour.

The only way to address this is to separate cursor movement from
clicking and so allow independent control over both activities. This can
not be accomplished with a single mouse - you either need to look again
at larger trackballs (with a central ball, Expert or Orbit-style), or
some other input device, for example a trackpad, trackpoint/joystick,
dedicated "click" key/button, or breath controller.


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