[ubuntu-uk] Display issue on slide shows in Impress

Bea Groves beagroves at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 17:52:37 UTC 2017


My contribution is no help in finding a solution, but I can confirm that 
this also happens with Impress under Zorin 12 (a Ubuntu derivative of 
16.04, which has a Gnome desktop). Problem seems intermittent and just 
about manageable at this stage by left-arrowing back one slide and then 
forwards again. This problem did not occur in versions of LibreOffice 
prior to as far as I can tell.

This was sent by Bea Groves
> Hi All,
> I would like to draw on the collective knowledge of the group to help me
> diagnose a problem with slide shows in Impress, and then decide against
> which feature or software I should report the bug. The display problem
> seems to be getting worse with each release of Ubuntu, but does not
> effect all distributions equally.
> System:- Lenovo G550 laptop. Intel Core2Duo. nVidia GeForce G210M graphics
> 16.04.2 Ubuntu Unity.
> Libreoffice
> A few weeks ago my wife created a slide show, and set the slide
> transition of every slide to Smooth Fade. She had done this many times
> before without problems. When testing the presentation, there was a
> white flash at the end of each transition, sometimes full screen, other
> times a thick horizontal bar across the full width of the screen.

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