[ubuntu-uk] Who's on the RAT this Saturday 10/09/2016?

Iain Cuthbertson iain.cuthbertson at idophp.co.uk
Fri Sep 9 17:26:11 UTC 2016

Loco page updated! 

Peeps in the Telegram group think at 17:30 might be a bit late to meet 
at the pub.

So, how about 16:30 onwards?

Giving us time to pre-drink-drink, get some beer soaking food in our 
tums and basically enjoy the evening earlier.

Local train leaves Farnham at 18:26, getting to Alton in time for us to 
find good seats.

If you miss that one, there is a later train, but gets to Alton only a 
few minutes before the beer train leaves. So lets get the 1st one ;)

This time tomorrow, I expect us all to be merry and ready for extra 
merry making!


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On 08/09/16 13:44, Alan Lord wrote:
> On 06/09/16 16:15, Alan Lord wrote:
>> I'll try and find out what time they are due to open before Sat and 
>> post a message on here if it's not going to work and I'll suggest 
>> another venue. 
> I just wandered passed the pub and the builders are still in there, 
> but the sign says open at midday on the 10th so it should be OK I 
> guess. See you at the Mulberry on Sat afternoon... Cheers Al 
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