[ubuntu-uk] Anyone available to help a brand new user in Derbyshire?

Barry Titterton titterton.barry at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 21:11:31 UTC 2016

On 23/07/16 13:10, alan c wrote:
> Sorry I can't help in person, however, just a reminder that under many
> circumstances, the program Teamviewer is free of charge for amateur,
> non business use. I have used it for remote friends, on one occasion
> a friend had moved to France for some years.
> It works well, if sometimes slow on the link.
> In an extreme case:
> If the remote novice had a completely separate spare machine, which
> could be simply wiped etc with no worry of lack data backup etc and
> loss of home internet (if an install somehow got screwed) then it is
> even possible to do a fresh install by remote, via Teamviewer, caviat:
> the remote friend would need to be calm accurate on keyboard, and have
> good systematic use of the parallel phone conversation. Also at
> (least) one key stage, a machine restart etc is needed, also the
> install disk is best used at the remote location etc. With one very
> systematic remote friend I have actually done this, it worked. However
> some friends are nervous and may find difficulty in following an
> instruction confidently.
> Good luck

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the tip about Teamviewer.

My friend is a very nervous novice so I don't want to put too much
pressure on him. I have found another friend who is a tech confident
Windows user and is willing to have a go at helping with the install
(perhaps another convert?).


Barry T

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