[ubuntu-uk] Anyone available to help a brand new user in Derbyshire?

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Sat Jul 23 12:10:46 UTC 2016

Sorry I can't help in person, however, just a reminder that under many
circumstances, the program Teamviewer is free of charge for amateur,
non business use. I have used it for remote friends, on one occasion
a friend had moved to France for some years.

It works well, if sometimes slow on the link.

In an extreme case:
If the remote novice had a completely separate spare machine, which
could be simply wiped etc with no worry of lack data backup etc and
loss of home internet (if an install somehow got screwed) then it is
even possible to do a fresh install by remote, via Teamviewer, caviat:
the remote friend would need to be calm accurate on keyboard, and have
good systematic use of the parallel phone conversation. Also at
(least) one key stage, a machine restart etc is needed, also the
install disk is best used at the remote location etc. With one very
systematic remote friend I have actually done this, it worked. However
some friends are nervous and may find difficulty in following an
instruction confidently.

Good luck

On 15/07/16 17:26, Barry Titterton wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there anyone who lives near mid-Derbyshire and could spare an evening
> to help a brand new user do their first install? The user in question is
> an old friend on mine who has a Vista laptop that he wants to convert to
> Linux. He has limited technical skill so would benefit from someone
> walking him through his first install. I am not able to help him as I
> now live in County Durham which makes it quite a long round trip.
> Please PM me if you may be able to help and I will give you more details.
> Thank you,
> Barry T

alan cocks

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