[ubuntu-uk] Network Hostnames

Nigel Verity nigelverity at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 12 14:10:19 UTC 2016


I'm after a bit of enlightenment from anybody who knows more about networking than I do - which is probably most of you...

I have a home network which connects to a radio-based broadband service (very reliable, incidentally). The data goes from the transceiver into a router which feeds several devices directly over wired ethernet. One of these is a switch which services other devices requiring wi-fi.

When using Filezilla or command line SSH to connect one device to another, I find that some require the addition of ".local" to the remote hostname before it's recognised while others don't. For example my desktop is only recognised as "myDesktop.local", while my RPi2 is only recognised as "myRPi2", yet both use direct wired ethernet back to the router.

Can anybody explain, please?



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