[ubuntu-uk] Missing menu in top panel.

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Wed Jan 27 15:30:20 UTC 2016

On 27/01/16 15:12, Will Cooke wrote:
Xenial, and it is not long to its release date.

Hi Will ....   Colin, on the list, asked me a while ago when I had last 
re-installed.  I did re-install, and the problem went away.  After the 
update and upgrade yesterday, it came back.  I know it won't go away 
until I repeat re-installation, but currently, there are so many other 
problems due to incompatibility with apps I have installed that I'm 
waiting a while.  I dual-boot on two different hard-drives - one with 
testing and one with stable (15.04 LTS), so I'm currently back to the 
stable one for a few days.  Thanks for your concern.

Regards,		Barry

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