[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu 16.04 fsck and display issue

David Goldsbrough daveg at boavon.plus.com
Wed Aug 10 14:45:44 UTC 2016

I said (extract)
> To the point, when I boot now I no longer see the "Ubuntu" message in the

> > centre of the screen with the changing coloured dots underneath.   Do I
> need to tweak something to re-instate it?
> >
> Liam Proven said (extract)

> >>I have successfully resurrected this in the >>past by adding the kernel
> boot
> >>parameter
> >>nomodeset
> >>You can try this at boot time by pressing E on >>the GRUB menu, and
> adding it
> >>to the end of the boot line.
> >>If it works, you can add it to /etc/GRUB/defaults.
> Well, I tried the suggestion to no effect.  I have looked through the logs
but cannot find any hints - but I am not that experienced and my low vision
can miss things.

Undaunted I researched further.
I thought this thread looked promising


and I checked a few things out but I suspect it was written before 16.04.1
and .1 has corrected the bugs in part.  I noticed late it was for lubuntu
but guessed ubuntu was the same.

I am reading this at the moment
but again notice it predates 16.04

I have not ruled out it is something to do with my graphics card nvidea but
the upgrade appears to have installed the latest driver.

If I understand things correctly the boot sequence goes something like
GRUB opens the kernal using certain parameters.  The kernal(s) have been
pre-compiled during kernal updates and compilation includes ref to display
drivers so the screen post GRUB works.  If this limited understanding is
true, I am unclear when "plymouth" is called - prior to kernal opening I
guess.  If this is true, then "plymouth" can only display splash screen in
some form of monitor default mode.  But I am guessing.
Can anyone point me in the right direction to try and fix please.  I'm not
sure if it is still a formally recorded bug which I just need to await a
fix for.

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