[ubuntu-uk] ubuntu 16.04 fsck and display issue

David Goldsbrough daveg at boavon.plus.com
Tue Aug 9 11:22:06 UTC 2016

So, I bit the bullet and upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 on an old desktop as
a pre cursor to upgrading my Lenovo T60  laptop - my sturdy workhorse for
now.  One day I will get round to buying a 64bit machine.

Any way, all went smoothly - no real problems.  I was glad that the upgrade
retained all my settings especially my extra large mouse cursor as I have
Low Vision - in fact the upgrade improved matters making my large cursor
visible outside of FireFox where it only seemed to work under 14.04.

To the point, when I boot now I no longer see the "Ubuntu" message in the
centre of the screen with the changing coloured dots underneath.  No big
issue, but it was one of those reassuring things when booting up.  I can
live without it, but should it be doing this?  Do I need to tweak something
to re-instate it?

Maybe connected, I don't know, but on boot I see the remains I guess of an
fsck output flash up a few times.  It says something like
 /dev/sda5: clean, xxxxx/xxxxxxx files, xxxxxx/xxxxxxxx
and then it proceeds to boot.  Doesn't take long - hence the reason why
cannot see the exact numbers and jot down quickly enough.  Again, I guess
its no big issue - the time to worry maybe would be if the output was
different.  Again, do I need to do something to prevent this?  (/dev/sda5
is the boot partition for ubuntu - Vista is on 2 other partitions and I
think sda3 and sda4 are allocated to two DVD drives in the machine)

Many thanks for reading and any responses you make.

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