[ubuntu-uk] Twin DVD drives not mounting

David Goldsbrough daveg at boavon.plus.com
Mon Sep 21 11:12:51 UTC 2015

I have tried what some contributors have said.  Just to answer some
questions and issues raised.
I am trying to get my system to recognise (mount) my twin DVD drives.  My
research had led me to believe that a cure would be to place entries in
/etc/fstab but that has not worked.
I am using 14.04 LTS and I installed it from a DVD ISO image I had lying
around along with other distros. I installed it alongside my windows vista
and yes I can boot into either through GRUB.
Deleting the 2 entries I made in /etc/fstab plus the ref to the floppy disk
drive, then rebooting had no effect. Placing a pre burnt DVD drive had no
effect and syslog showed nothing as far as I could see. (My vision is
really too bad at the moment)
At this stage do you think I should be changing /proc/mount instead.  I
have a vague recollection that when booting /etc/fstab is not even
Maybe I should just give up for now until my vision improves hopefully.
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