[ubuntu-uk] A spot of dinner before the RAT

Laura Czajkowski laura at lczajkowski.com
Mon Sep 14 09:23:56 UTC 2015

On 14/09/15 09:53, Alan Lord wrote:
> On 13/09/15 21:43, Iain Cuthbertson wrote:
>> Last year we met at the Waverly Arms, the year before that we were at
>> The Mulberry.
> I thought the Waverley Arms was crap last year. I think I recall Laura 
> and Jon having a hard time with their scampi fries ;-)

I believe the quote was - we're not used to this many orders! It did 
take a long time to get the food and there was only a small group of us!
> I'll probably not be eating myself anyway - but will be enjoying a 
> pint or two...
> I'm not a big fan of the Mulberry for beer (it's a youngster's pub so 
> is pretty much a Lager bar in reality) but it's got a decent 
> reputation for burgers...
If it's close and you're with your fellow Ubuntu folks you'll be fine ;)

> Then there is the William Cobbett in town - it's only a gentle 10 
> minute walk to the station.
> I'm easy whatever.
> Al

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