[ubuntu-uk] 15.10 Wily - Dash problem

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Wed Sep 2 11:20:17 UTC 2015

On 30/08/15 21:49, Barry Drake wrote:

> However (thankfully!) the bug I reported is still there.  Newbie maybe,
> but not the same amount of egg-on-face.  Thank you Colin.

Just a final update on this problem.  I've posted the below on the bug 
report.  I think it explains where I am at:
"End of bug - please close this one.  But please consider making it a
Unity wishlist item.  No one I was in contact with could repeat the
problem.  I downloaded the latest daily-build of Wily, and tried
everything I could in the live session to break Unity.

I conclude that the problem occurred during the implementation of a
number of major changes to gnome, Compiz and the Unity plugin.

My wish: after the first release of Unity - before Maverick, I think.
We were promised some easy tools for editing lenses, and generally
customising Unity.  The best we got was the ability to make a limited
number of changes - mostly cosmetic.  I spent time way back studying the
Unity system, but the user needs to get pretty deep into the code to do
anything very much.

My main complaint is that there is now no working method I can find to
do a 'factory reset' of Unity.  I ended up re-installing the system.  I
normally work entirely in a development cycle as soon as the testing
version is available.  I am always able to restore all data if there is
a catastrophic failure. I expect to have to re-install at least a couple
of times during the cycle, but it's worth it to be able to report bugs

Unity developers, please give us more control over the Unity
environment!  I felt almost like a Microsoft user!  I'd be very grateful
if one of the Unity developers could take the trouble to contact me so
we could exchange a couple of emails".

Regards,		Barry.


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