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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon Jul 13 10:15:51 UTC 2015

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Good to hear people are getting on well with ToriOS :)

thank you

Paul Sutton (ToriOS Docs team)

On 25/06/15 10:11, Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ...   I mentioned getting good results with Tori OS on an
> old pentium 4.  It didn't like Zorin, but since then I've
> resurrected a newer computer that would run 14.04 Lubuntu, but was
> a bit stretched.  I tried Zorin.  It has none of the freedom of
> Ubuntu.  It is very heavily branded and 'locked in'.  To get a
> useable Firefox, I had to purge Firefox, and then delete the entire
> .firefox directory.  It contained a number of unidentifiable
> binaries so it's anybodies guess how they've crippled it.
> Downloading an archive from the Firefox site, and running that was
> the only way to get something decent.  I'm sure there will be 
> intrusive hacks in other programs - I just haven't found them yet.
> If anyone comes up with a better option than Zorin, I'll get it!
> Regards,        Barry.

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