[ubuntu-uk] Text rendering issues

Pete smoutpete at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 22:19:01 UTC 2015

I have recently upgraded my laptop to a Dell Vostro 3500 using the 
Intel® Ironlake Mobile graphics chip, and with it installed 15.04 and 
all is great....... Except when I return from a break for a coffee and 
the text is weirdly rendered  on the screen this includes the title bars 
and any docs being worked on at the time.

The text is still there, just that some le¬ters  app£ar ^s sym#ols or 
just plain squares (i cant find a key for that ;) ) I can provide screen 
shots if needed

Note that this is a default install, no extra drivers, and I haven't 
customized the install in anyway (i.e changed fonts etc).

Can I please add that having spent some time away from Ubuntu (due to 
ageing hardware), it is nice to be back using Unity at a reasonable speed.

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.


Pete S

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