[ubuntu-uk] Corporation tax submission issues

Colin Law clanlaw at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 10:49:22 UTC 2015

On 29 January 2015 at 10:40, Gareth France
<gareth.france at cliftonts.co.uk> wrote:
> Nope, I refuse to start using other people's machines when there is nothing
> wrong with mine. Besides this is not your average form. I imagine many hours
> of banging my head against the screen to complete it. Not really something I
> can do in the library.

There is no point refusing to do something if for you personally it is
the best solution.  Chopping off nose to spite one's face and so on
comes to mind.

I meant to print it at the library rather than filling it in there.  I
am just trying to help, not suggesting that the current situation is
ideal.  Apparently, though, with Adobe not publishing the format it
makes it difficult, to say to least, for an open source solution.
HMRC should not be using a format that requires proprietary software.

> To install Adobe Reader natively in Linux follow this article.
> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/10/adobe-reader-linux-download-pulled-website

So has that worked around your problem?


> On 29/01/15 10:37, Colin Law wrote:
>> Good point.  Does it display if you view it in Firefox or Chromium
>> rather than downloading it?   Likely not.  You could put it on a usb
>> stick and take it to your library or to a friend or someone with
>> Windows and a printer.
>> Does Adobe reader work under Wine I wonder.
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