[ubuntu-uk] Posting conventions - was Re: Keyobard issues in 14.10

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Sun Jan 18 08:26:14 UTC 2015

On 17/01/15 22:28, Gareth France wrote:
> As for inline posting it just seems like a lot more effort and an 
> order of magnitude slower to delete the bits that aren't needed and 
> spread my reply out over umpteen different locations in the mail.

Hi folk ....   Inline posting is sometimes a pain to do - but almost 
always worth the effort when an issue is complex.  Let me remind folk of 
my own pet hate!  When a poster takes 'bottom posting' as an excuse to 
post an almost entire thread above a two line almost insignificant 
reply.  I rarely receive e-mail on a smartphone, but when I do, that 
kind of irresponsible bottom posting send my finger straight to the 
delete button!

Regards,        Barry.

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