[ubuntu-uk] How old is your computer?

TT Mooney ttmooney at ttmooney.com
Mon Jan 5 16:46:42 UTC 2015

On 05/01/15 16:12, Gibbs wrote:
> On 05/01/15 15:25, TT Mooney wrote:> So, just getting Ubuntu
> preinstalled is not enough. And this is why I
>> see Linux Devops people carrying Macs all the time now. It's a bit sad.
> Seriously? As a devop myself I wouldn't even entertain the idea of using
> Mac hardware or software. What is so difficult about installing an OS?

There's nothing hard about it at all, if that's how you like to spend
your time. But a lot of people don't. Frankly, I bought the XPS 13
expecting to maintain the OS, but to have reliable drivers from
mainline. And that's just not the case.

I'm in the process of founding a startup, and even though I've kept my
current company as Linux on the desktop shop for 10 years, the startup
is going Mac. Because it's easier to maintain -- because the hardware
vendor cares about making sure it 'just works'.

I love the freedom of Linux, especially on the desktop. The software is
mature (albeit there are problems, like at the end of Gnome 2). But
hardware that 'just works' with the OS is the killer feature. Well, that
and battery life. :)


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