[ubuntu-uk] Issues packaging software

Gareth France gareth.france at cliftonts.co.uk
Mon Apr 27 13:14:59 UTC 2015

On 27/04/15 13:50, Dave Morley wrote:
> If it is a cli tool you can create an application launcher that calls
> terminal and then opens the cli app but that is not recommended,
> however it is not impossible and takes longer to review.
> As for the gui guide follow the many examples on developer.ubuntu.com
> there is more than just the hello world example, that should help you
> get used to programing 1)in the sdk and 2) in a gui format.
> There is no way that someone that wrote a guide can sit down and hand
> hold someone through the process, however at the bottom of each page
> there should be a link to file a bug if you are confused by a step.
> Put the details into the bug.

Why would it require a launcher at all if it is cli?

My concern with this whole do a thing, wait for help, do a thing, wait 
for help method is my memory. When I managed to package and submit once 
before I gave up because it took so long that by the time I finished I 
had no idea how I got that far. If I have to send out a bug and wait 
each time the help will probably be meaningless to me by the time it 
arrives. One of the down sides of having to juggle family, work, 
programming etc is that my train of thought is being constantly torn away.

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