[ubuntu-uk] Issues packaging software

Gareth France gareth.france at cliftonts.co.uk
Mon Apr 27 12:37:31 UTC 2015

> Probably worth starting from the beginning and stopping when it gets
> difficult and ask for help at that point.

Ok, load the SDK, open a new project. Now I'm stuck. I just don't get 
any aspect of the concept of graphical programming.
I really do think the only way I'm going to get it is to have some time 
face to face with someone who knows what they are
doing, tutorials are great until you make a wrong move and get an error 
message, then because you can't ask a tutorial
page questions you just get stuck.

> I am not following your logic. You can submit free apps to the archive
> or a PPA. You can push paid apps to the store.

In an earlier reply someone said the software centre isn't geared up to 
accept non-graphical commercial applications. Sounded a bit weird to me. 
I have managed to package an earlier version of my program before but it 
was slow, painful and I don't seem to be able to replicate it. The 
guidance given by Canonical is missing huge chunks of important information.

I really do think it would be of benefit for whoever maintains that 
guide to step me through this and note where I am having problems 
because it should be so straightforward for a simple program like this.

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