[ubuntu-uk] More phone problems/observations

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Fri Apr 17 08:36:00 UTC 2015

My Ubuntu Phone is not being recognised by my Ubuntu PC again -- even 
though it was last week on the same USB cable in the same USB socket on 
the PC.

Anyone have any ideas on why this might be?

I have searched online but I am finding very little of anything about 
fixing Ubuntu Phone problems.

David King

On 10/04/15 21:45, David King wrote:
> I fixed the USB to PC connection issue. I had tried it in Ubuntu 12.04 
> and Mint, both installed on the same PC, but still no luck with 
> accessing the phone.
> Then I went back into Ubuntu 14.04, and put the phone onto a long USB 
> cable into the PC instead of the USB hub and now it works -- no idea 
> why it would not work on the hub when other devices worked okay.
> Overall, I am pleased with the Ubuntu Phone -- but today I was out and 
> using the phone, went online a bit, took some photos, and then it ran 
> out of power. The battery was fully charged before I went out, so 
> battery is quite weak. I shall have to buy a new USB portable power 
> supply -- I had one before but it stopped working.
> David K
> On 09/04/15 19:29, Gareth France wrote:
>> Can you try it on another Ubuntu install? Live disc?
>> On 09/04/15 19:28, David King wrote:
>>> Yes, no problem now adding contacts from received calls.
>>> But still my Ubuntu PC cannot connect to the Ubuntu Phone when 
>>> connected
>>> via USB.
>>> David King
>>> On 09/04/15 19:05, Gareth France wrote:
>>>> I love the fact going to advanced setting in Dekko just brings up a
>>>> message saying 'not implemented'.
>>>> It looks like the option to share a URL via messaging is there but the
>>>> issues with copy and paste are well known and being worked on. I have
>>>> just tried it and was able to load the browser, click on the url, the
>>>> full url is displayed highlighted. I then hold down on the highlighted
>>>> address and the option to copy was presented. However I can't see any
>>>> way to paste and email it as you say.
>>>> Did you figure out adding contacts in the end?
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