[ubuntu-uk] More phone problems/observations

Gareth France gareth.france at cliftonts.co.uk
Thu Apr 9 18:05:11 UTC 2015

I love the fact going to advanced setting in Dekko just brings up a 
message saying 'not implemented'.

It looks like the option to share a URL via messaging is there but the 
issues with copy and paste are well known and being worked on. I have 
just tried it and was able to load the browser, click on the url, the 
full url is displayed highlighted. I then hold down on the highlighted 
address and the option to copy was presented. However I can't see any 
way to paste and email it as you say.

Did you figure out adding contacts in the end?

On 09/04/15 18:42, David King wrote:
> I am having trouble sending things by email, such as if I see a webpage
> I went to email to myself and then view on my PC. I try to select and
> copy the URL from the address bar, but although I can highlight the
> whole lot at once, there is no option to copy. If I select part of the
> URL, then the option to copy appears. So I can only copy it in bits.
> Then if I use Dekko, it will not send emails at all. I can paste stuff
> into a new email, but when sending it gives an error -- I posted it as a
> bug online already.
> If I try to use gmail to send an email, when I try to paste into the
> email, all I get is a blue box filling the area to enter text with the
> word Copy above it, thus giving me only the option to copy and not to paste.
> If I want to share a URL from the web browser, the options are so
> limited as to be useless -- only by text message or Telegram, there is
> not even an option to share via Facebook (using the Facebook app
> installed) or by gmail (using the gmail app).
> So what is the solution to this? How can I share a URL from my Ubuntu
> phone to send to my pc to view it on there later?

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