[ubuntu-uk] More phone problems/observations

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Wed Apr 8 21:32:34 UTC 2015

Okay, let me show you via some screenshots (taken with the camera on my 
Android phone as Ubuntu Phone does not seem to have any of its own 
screenshot capture)

First look at this:


This is the phone with a list of received calls on the Today Scope (they 
also appear on the Calls Scope just the same)

So I touched on the number and this is what comes up


Then I touch on the red Call button and get this


This is where the head and shoulders icon with + sign to the left 
appears and from there I could add the number to my contacts, but from 
what you wrote below I am guessing you found another way to do that?


On 08/04/15 18:29, Gareth France wrote:
> What red button?
> On 08/04/15 18:27, David King wrote:
>> Okay, I finally figured it out. I had to press the red button marked
>> Call even though I do not want to call the person, I want to add them to
>> the contacts list -- this needs redesigning as it is unintuitive at 
>> present.
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