[ubuntu-uk] More phone problems/observations

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Wed Apr 8 17:20:53 UTC 2015

The phone is not locked. Actually I just tried it on my netbook running 
Linux Lite OS which is based on Ubuntu 14.04. My PC runs Ubuntu Studio 
14.04 but does not see the phone.

In a terminal I typed lsusb with it connected and with it not connected, 
and there was one more entry when it was connected but no device info, 
so it is recognising that something is connected via USB but Ubuntu on 
the PC cannot recognise the Ubuntu Phone -- some sort of problem in 
Ubuntu on the PC it seems, as netbook can see it and access its files.

David King

On 08/04/15 18:11, Gareth France wrote:
> When you do this is the phone unlocked? If you do not unlock the phone 
> screen it will not release access to the computer.
> On 08/04/15 18:08, David King wrote:
>> The other main problem I am having is that when I connect the phone to
>> my Ubuntu PC via USB, the PC does not recognise the phone at all, as if
>> it were not connected, yet the phone is charging from the cable. An
>> Android phone on the same cable was recognised perfectly well, as were
>> ebook readers. So why not the BQ Ubuntu Phone?

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