[ubuntu-uk] More phone problems/observations

Tony Pursell ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Apr 8 16:15:51 UTC 2015

On 8 April 2015 at 16:31, Jon Spriggs <jon at sprig.gs> wrote:

> Hi Tony,
> A few of us are tracking some issues in http://pad.ubuntu.com/phonefaq -
> you need an Ubuntu one account with membership of the Ubuntu-UK or another
> Ubuntu team membership (Alan mentioned it a few days back) but if you've
> not got one of those, you can either ask for it to be added, or let me
> know, and I'll add them to the list.

I can get to the pad, but I want to know if it is just me doing something
wrong first.

> I
> On 8 April 2015 at 15:16, Tony Pursell <ajp at princeswalk.fsnet.co.uk>
> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> A few problems/observations from me:
>> 1) For the second time I have been given a notification of '1819631974
>> voicemail messages'.  When I touch the phone icon on it, it just goes
>> away.  First time I had it, I didn't even have voicemail set up for the new
>> number I put on the phone.  Is it a bug, or a scam, or what?
>> 2) Wifi doesn't let me choose what to connect to.  My Moto G Android
>> phone gives me a list of Wifi networks in my locality - mostly secure.  But
>> there is a BT Wifi and a BT Wifi with FON which are not secured, but have a
>> poor signal and will always give me a Network error as I'm not registered
>> to use them.  Every so often, my Moto G locks onto one of these, but I can
>> tell it to disconnect and forget it.  Now my Ubuntu phone has locked onto
>> one of them and I cannot find any way to get it back to my home Wifi.  Even
>> turning Wifi off in System Settings has no effect.
>> 3) Battery Life is poor - between a day or two at the most.  My Moto G
>> used to be as bad, but has improved a lot with Lollipop.  I notice at least
>> one bug has been posted about this, so I hope it will be improved for the
>> Ubuntu phone.
>> 4) Closing apps I find a real pain.  Perhaps someone will tell me how to
>> do it easily.  The only way I have found is to do a really precise slow
>> swipe from the right edge to about 2/3rds the way across the screen to get
>> it to show open apps, then swipe down the one I don't want.  The swipe from
>> the right edge has to be so precise that it take a few goes to get it
>> right.  What I would like is for the < symbol at the top of the app window
>> to change to X on the home page and mean 'close'.  See System Settings as
>> an example of an app where this would work.  At the moment, only the
>> browser has a greyed out < on the home page, but just doing it for this
>> would help due to the way may apps 'offload' to the browser.
>> 5) I've been tapping notifications to get to what they are telling me
>> about and nothing has been happening.  Now I find that tapping the icon,
>> and only the icon, works.  Not very intuitive, especially for ex-Android
>> users.  Also, swiping the notification to the right, gives me a 'Delete'
>> option.  It's not clear if this is to delete just the notification or the
>> object (email, for instance) it is telling you about.  Scary!
>> Those are the things bugging me at the moment. More to come, maybe.
>> Tony
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