[ubuntu-uk] Question re cloning and partitioning

Gordon Burgess-Parker gordonbp at mail.com
Wed Oct 8 12:35:24 UTC 2014

Hi gurus,

I currently triple-boot my Lenovo U410 with Ubuntu 14.04, Windows 8.1 
(which came pre-installed) and Windows 10 tech preview.
There is an SSD used for Intel Fastboot (AFAIK) and the three OSs are 
all installed on the main 500GB HDD.

My question is this - if I decide to wipe out all the Windows installs 
and only keep Ubuntu, can I move the / partition onto the SSD without 
Would it just be easier to re-install on the SSD keeping my /Home on the 
500GB HDD, and where should I put the Swap area? (The SSD is 24GB....)


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