[ubuntu-uk] New netbook?

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Mon Oct 6 14:16:51 UTC 2014

On 05/10/14 09:49, Bruno Girin wrote:
> I've had IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads for the last 10 years and they've all 
> run Ubuntu brilliantly. Thinkpads are one of the safest choices to run 
> Ubuntu (or any Linux distro): it generally just works.

Thanks to all of you for your advice.  I've found a refurbisher on e-bay 
who is willing to supply a Lenovo X201 with no OS and a full guarantee, 
so I'm going for that.  The price is great and the seller seems to have 
a really good reputation.  Thanks again.

Kind regards,        Barry.

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