[ubuntu-uk] Reverse engineering data files

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Wed Nov 26 07:45:50 UTC 2014

On Tue, 25 Nov 2014, Gareth France wrote:
> tell me where the numbers 0.06 and >99.99 are.

  f2 80 05   f3 4e 08   f6 80 49 00 08   f8 80 00  (Washing machine)
  f2 80 06   f3 4e 08   f6 80 01 00 08   f8 80 00  (Fridge)

If you know the numbers, they are easy to find.  The top bit ('0x80')
is probably "test passed".  Perhaps you can fill out what the rest of
the field/function codes:

  01 Visual pass
  02 Visual fail
  F0 Overall pass
  F1 Overall fail
  F2 (Earth continuity) 0.06 [Ohm x 100]
  F3 (Earth insulation) 19976 [kOhm]
  F6 (??) pass 0.01, 0.08 ... (0.73, 0.08 for the other appliance)
  F8 (??) pass 0.00
  FB (free form strings) [4 * 21-characters]

I think at this stage the example file can now be fully decoded now
(closer to 80 minutes than 8 years and we can be thankful that writing
these emails took longer!).  If you want to help produce more example
data, don't wait for new jobs, just re-test the same IEC lead one
hundred times with different menu items/tests selected and keep a
corresponding note of what values are shown on the display with that
menu item selected.

Alternatively work out how to get you, I, the tester and a handful of
resistors in one place for a couple of hours.


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