[ubuntu-uk] Screenshot: can't clear old image files, where are they

Rowan Berkeley rowan.berkeley at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 12:13:42 UTC 2014


I have upgraded to 14:10, and picked up a bug or two along the way. This 
one is a nuisance, because I use screenshots a lot on my blog. Every 
time I try to make a new screenshot, it just creates a new copy of an 
old one. Therefore, it is storing them somewhere in a queue, and when I 
try to make a new one, it puts that at the bottom of the queue and 
offers me a fresh edition of the snapshot that is stuck at the top. Or a 
selection from several that are stuck there, but never the new one. The 
official location for all screenshots is set by me as the desktop, and I 
have repeatedly deleted everything on there, including hidden files. 
These things must be stored somewhere else. So where are they all, so 
that I can clear them, and perhaps find some way of preventing them from 
accumulating like this again?

Best to all,

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