[ubuntu-uk] execute command on startup ....

Barry Drake ubuntu-advertising at gmx.com
Sun May 25 17:40:04 UTC 2014

Hi there ....  I've just upgraded my netbook to Trusty.  By default, the 
touchpad no longer responds to the vertical and horizontal edge-scroll.  
The commands :
synclient VertEdgeScroll=1
synclient HorizEdgeScroll=1

bring this function back OK.  I assumed that putting these commands into 
my .profile would make them work on bootup, but no success. I've also 
tried the same commands in /etc/rc.local again with no success.  I 
already had an rfkill command in .profile to kill the bluetooth which I 
don't use, and that works just fine.  Any suggestions?

Regards,        Barry.

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