[ubuntu-uk] Ending Dual-Boot

Jim Price d1version at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 9 17:14:36 UTC 2014

On 09/03/14 17:04, Nigel Verity wrote:
> Hi
> The big day has arrived. I'm in a position to finish with all this dual-boot
 > nonsense and give my Dell laptop entirely over to Xubuntu. If I use 
 > to delete the 2 partitions used by Windows 7, and then resize the Linux
> partition, it strikes me that Grub might get into a mess. I'm sure I could
 > probably modify the Grub setup but is this approach more trouble than 
> worth? Would I be better off just starting from scratch with a fresh Xubuntu
 > install? The reason I'd like to avoid this if practical is that it 
 > takes me a couple of days to get everything just the way I like it 
 > I do a full reinstall.
> Any advice most welcome.

What I do in such circumstances is to make sure I have an Ubuntu server 
CD of the appropriate version so that if things don't boot properly 
after removing partitions, I can just use it to re-install GRUB. That's 
about the only thing which usually goes wrong. In case anything else 
goes wrong, make backups and generate a package list, so at least if you 
do have to re-install you can just restore your home directory and 
re-install all your software easily.

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