[ubuntu-uk] re-installing windows

Simon Greenwood sfgreenwood at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 11:21:30 UTC 2014

On 24 Jul 2014 11:37, "Norman Silverstone" <norman at littletank.org> wrote:
> I have a dual boot set up with Xubuntu and Windows 7 and there is a
difficulty with Windows which may mean removing Windows and re-installing
after formatting that portion of the HDD. Are there any things I should
beware of before embarking on this, please?

Be careful with partitioning. I believe Windows 7 ignores non-NTFS
partitions but it may still offer to format the whole disk. It would be
safer to try and recover using a rescue disk first. Make sure you have a
backup of your Xubuntu partition.

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