[ubuntu-uk] Color. Labor. Aluminum.

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Jul 9 16:28:39 UTC 2014

Hey y'all dudes!

Hopefully the subject will have you in a fervor, taking offense at my
detour. Don't bust a tire on your wagon, but center your truck on the
Internet freeway lane and analyze my mail...

Looking at the translation stats for the phone it seems we (en_GB) are
lagging behind quite a few countries..


At the time of writing we're at 30 in the league table!

If any of you have some time to spare, it would be awesome to complete
the unfinished translations and get us up nearer the top of the list.


There's a quick start guide linked at the top of the page. It's really
easy to do, and is a great way to contribute to Ubuntu if like me
you're not a coder, artist or designer!

If you have any questions, do ask.


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