[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu on Macs

Alan James Jenkins alan.james.jenkins at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 09:41:46 UTC 2014

Hey guys,

I have been a Ubuntu’er for a long long time (since 4.10 Warty Warthog) and until a few years ago I had Ubuntu on my desktop and my old Dell XPS M170 laptop. However I replaced the ageing M170 with a Macbook Pro so for the last few years I have been using a Macbook Pro and putting up with Mac OS X to learn the operating system as it is getting more and more common now (I like it and love the fact it is *nix variant).

However I am wanting to start contributing back more to the Ubuntu and Linux communities more and to do that I am going to need to get Ubuntu installed on my laptop along side OS X.

Has anyone got Ubuntu working with these features of Macbook Pro’s?

* Dual boot with Mac OS X and Ubuntu running in UEFI mode.
* Multitouch for both horizontal and vertical scrolling on most applications.

Plus I would appreciate any advice you can share if your using a Macbook for using Ubuntu.


Alan Jenkins

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